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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How can I change the videos in my Massive Playbook™ video drills?

Your Massive Playbook™ drills section is set up to link seamlessly to YouTub. By creating your own YouTube channel, you can have COMPLETE control over your Playbook video library. Simply follow the steps below to setting up a YouTube account, then email or notify our team. We will need your YouTube link. Once we establish the connection, your YouTube account will be tied directly to your Playbook!
However, you can make a channel easily. Here’s how...

Anything you add or change in your YouTube account, will then dynamically be changed in your Playbook. Once you have established a YouTube account, please shoot me the link, and you will be able to manage it from there!

- Mp Team

How do I convert my Massive Playbook™ comma deliniated lists into .csv files?

Converting your MP lists into CSV files...

There are two main options, with same results...
First option-
Create a Word table, Select the entire table and Copy, paste into an Excel doc, save Excel doc as .csv

Second Option-
Word to Excel, Excel to .CSV
First copy and paste into MS Word or import your list directly into MS Excel, then save out as .csv file/s:

Step 1 (Into Excel):

Step 2 (From Excel into a .csv file):

- MP Team!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to use the Massive Playbook Calendar function

Here are 3 simple steps for using your calendar feature. Please see the below step x step images. Note: any/all changes made to the calendar will automatically be saved to the emails you send. - MP Team

Monday, September 20, 2010

I can't see images in a message sent to my GMAIL account

Below are some easy and helpful links!

MP Team!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bad Email Culprits!!! (Can Not Save List and BAD emails)

Are you having trouble with your email lists? Are you getting the "Not Saved...Bad Email" error message?
Look for these troublesome characters within your email lists...

The 'TradeMark' logo (TM) - This will sometimes appear within your list. This is a BAD email. You must kill this email from your list!

The 'Apostrophe'(') - Sorry, NO apostrophes allowed in email names. You must kill this email!

The 'double-comma' separating lists (,,) - sometimes a double-comma may appear after an email address... One of them MUST be removed. NO double commas after email addresses, or separating email addresses! ALSO... BE SURE YOUR EMAIL LIST DOES NOT END WITH A COMMA!

The 'extra space' (  ) - Occasionally a double space at the end of an email list, or within an email list can cause problems. Kill the extra space!

Other known culprits include: ALL CAPS, "?" and other obscure characters that do not belong in email addresses.

- MP Team

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I left my computer, when I returned the message I was composing disappeared

Q: Upon returning to my computer after leaving for an hour, I resumed typing my message to my team. (My Massive Playbook™ email portal/site was still up so I thought I was fine.) However, when I went to save my message before sending, I was bounced out of the system. I though as long as my Massive Playbook™ screen was still on my screen I was okay to compose my letter.

A: After approximately 15minutes, Massive Playbook™ built in safety feature will bounce you out of your account. You may NOT get an onscreen warning. (This feature is to prevent anyone else from gaining access to your private message or email lists).

IF YOU PLAN on walking away from your computer for a long duration, you must SAVE the message that you are composing ("Save" button below messaging panel). Then log-out. Next time you log back in, your message will appear, as you had last left it. You can then resume typing/composing.

NOTE: For longer compositions, you can also type and save messages in a WOrd program, and import them into your email with a simple copy and paste.

- MP Team

Monday, August 23, 2010

How Do I ADD My Own Videos?

Currently, your "Coaches Drills" may be pulling content  from one of our content providers or a YouTube channel that we have created for you.

You can create your own YouTube channel for Massive Playbook™ to pull drills from. This will give you 100% control over your videos. You can add favorites or even upload videos, and ALL videos will automatically be added to your Playbook™.

Below is info (resources) on how to set up your YouTube account.

Please a member of our team know when you have your YouTube account set up. ( We will just need your name and password to connect your YouTube account to your personalized Playbook™account.


Thank you!

-MP Team